Dungeness Community Church in Sequim is pleased to offer a number of listening options for our congregation and guests. From borrowing our headphones and listening devices, to using our own bluetooth technology. Read on to learn more about what we offer. Feel free to ask for help if you need assistance. 

Borrow Our Headphones

At the A/V Booth we have a basket full of handheld devices, along with a variety of headphone types. We have small single ear earbuds, medium sized headphones, and larger over ear headphones. We also have a couple necklace type devices that work with hearing aids equipped with Hearing Loop Technology

BlueTooth - Listen Everywhere App

Visitors may also stream the service via bluetooth or headphones on their own personal smart device, using the Listen Everywhere App. This is great for folks who have bluetooth capable hearing aids, or their own earbuds. The Listen Everywhere App is available on both iPhone and Droid devices. It is only usable within the walls of our sanctuary when connected to the "Hearing Assist" wifi. Follow these directions to set up the "Listen Everywhere" App on your phone or device.

  • Simply download the Application from your app store. 
  • Connect your device or smartphone to our "Hearing Assist" WiFi channel
  • make sure your hearing aids or earbuds are connected to your device via bluetooth
  • Click on the app, and select the channel to listen to
  • turn up the audio as needed

This Video Explains how to use the Listen Everywhere App ( our WiFi is "Hearing Assist" )